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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Smashing S.A.L.E!!!

Dear SMASHING Ladies! It is that time of the year for us to be sharing, to be giving and to enjoy SALES! SMASHING PIT STOP proudly present its nominees to grace such smashing celebration and they are (*drum roll please*)

GUCCI Medium Craft Shopping Tote - Sand/Violet
SALE Price = RM2320 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM2520, a further saving of RM200)

GUCCI Intercontinental GG Fabric Wallet
SALE Price = RM1120 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM1450, a further saving of RM330)
GUCCI Intercontinental GG Leather Wallet
SALE Price = RM1350 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM1550, a further saving of RM200)

Burberry Small Haymarket Check Tote
SALE Price = RM2200 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM2380, a further saving of RM180)

BURBERRY Haymarket Check Continental Wallet
SALE Price = RM1300 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM1480, a further saving of RM180)

LONGCHAMP Great Wall of China Tote (Long Handle)
SALE Price = RM485 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM640, a further saving of RM140)

LONGCHAMP Great Wall of China Handbag (Short Handle)
SALE Price = RM450 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM540, a further saving of RM90)

LONGCHAMP Eiffel Tower Handbag (Short Handle)
SALE Price = RM480 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM540, a further saving of RM60)

LONGCHAMP Eiffel Tower Tote (Long Handle)
SALE Price = RM500 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM580, a further saving of RM80)

LONGCHAMP XLight Tote In Textured Nylon Leopard Prints
SALE Price = RM780 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM880, a further saving of RM100)
LONGCHAMP Veau Foulonné
SALE Price = RM1020 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM1180, a further saving of RM160)

SALE Price = RM620 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM1620, a further saving of RM1000) 
KATE SPADE Chestnut Ridge Small Karen Hobo
SALE Price = RM650 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM950, a further saving of RM300)
KATE SPADE Classic Spade Large Tate
SALE Price = RM650 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM1050, a further saving of RM400)
KATE SPADE Collins Avenue Stevie Shoulder Bag
ON SALE = RM450 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM1150, a further saving of RM700)
AGNES B Voyage
SALE Price = RM400 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM750, a further saving of RM350)
*click on image for more information
FURLA 'Flagship' Collection
SALE Price = RM320 inclusive of Poslaju / COD
(before = RM590, a further  saving of RM270)

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